Mo’ Mochi!


Because we like to keep our rice cake varieties basically, in variety, we like to create different types of rice cakes each week, to change things up a bit.  Whether in sweetness, in color, or in pizzazz!

So upon our customers’ request, we have increased the number of times that we make Japanese mochi available each week.

(Please view our Where to Buy page to see which local stores you can find our rice cakes for sale around the island of Guam.)

Just like the authentic Japanese mochi, we also make ours with red mung bean paste filling inside.  But sometimes, we like to jazz that one up too!

So be on the lookout for our mochi, which have a delicious blend of sweet potato and pumpkin fillin’.  Mm-mm, good!





Thank You!

A big Thank You to all of our wonderful customers around the island of Guam who have made the start of our 2017 year a fantastic success!  Yay!

It has been been a pleasure serving you with our sweet and delicious, authentic Korean rice cakes since the Spring of last year.

Due to increasing numbers of Party Tray-sized orders for sale and pickup at our Harmon rice cake-making factory (see Factory Location page for map and directions), our outer-store sales locations have been changed.

Therefore, please view our Where to Buy page to see the centrally-located stores around the island of Guam, where you can find our delectible rice cakes for sale.

A blessed and happy Easter Resurrection Day to y’all!







Especially-Made Treats


Try our sweet, nutty, and especially-made rice cakes like these!  Quite pretty-lookin’ desserts, wouldn’tcha say?






Rice, water, salt, sugar, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins, kabocha squash (for orange coloring and flavor), and mugwort herb (for green coloring and herb-y flavor).