Mujigae 무지개


A thin layer of black sesame seeds is now added in the middle for additional delicious flavor!





Corn and Oatmeal 옥수수 and 보리



New!  Hearty and healthy.

Made with rice, corn, cornmeal, and oatmeal.  Pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds added on top.






Garaedok 가래떡


The Galaedok rice cake can be found in the refrigerated section in stores.

See our list of Where to Buy stores on Guam.

This rice cake can be eaten fresh as is, or after lightly toasting/roasting over a fire or stove.

Also tastes delicious dipped in honey.





Injolmi 인절미



The Injolmi rice cake is sliced either long (as above) or in squares (below).

Party tray orders are sliced as depicted in the above photo.



Our Injolmi rice cake is also made with ground yellow mung beans (nokdu).



If you like yellow mung beans, try our Nokdu Rice Cake.




Chulpyun 절편




The Chulpyun rice cake can be made with only white rice, upon request.

Green coloring is made with Mugwort Herb (Ssuk).

If you like Mugwort Herb, try our Ssuk Yongyang rice cake as well.


Mugwort Herb




Yongyang 영양 떡


This Yongyang rice cake can be made with either:

1.  regular rice white (pictured above)

2.  sweet glutinous white rice (pictured below)

3.  brown rice

4.  sweet glutinous brown rice

5.  sweet glutinous rice with Mugwort Herb (Ssuk Yongyang)


* Party tray orders of this rice cake that is made with rice #2 thru #5 is $5.00 additional.